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    Winners of the Lourdes raffle held on Monday September 5, 2016

    1st Prize $300 Ms. Winifred Hubner Goshen, NY
    2nd Prize $100 Reverend Daniel M. O‘Hare Montgomery, NY
    3rd Prize $50 Ms. Robin Greene Campbell Hall, NY

    Our Lady of Lourdes Program 2014

    In the southwest corner of France, the small village of Lourdes lies nicely nestled and secured in the foothills of the Pyrenees. Obscured and off of the beaten path of the many tourists traveling throughout Europe, the tiny village still breathes with the message entrusted by Our Lady to a young peasant girl named Bernadette Soubrious, over a hundred and fifty years ago. While millions of pilgrims flock to this sacred Marian shrine year after year, there is a special group that makes this pilgrimage only once in a lifetime. They are the children, sponsored by the Knights of Columbus from Our Lady of Lourdes Council in Washingtonville, New York. For the past thirty nine years, the Knights from Our Lady of Lourdes Council have sponsored a child with special needs, along with a parent or guardian, the opportunity to participate in the annual US National Rosary Pilgrimage, from June 28th, 2014 to July 8th, 2014.


    Alex Acerno

    Nicholas Acerno

    Kimberly Kennedy

    Morgan Mullhall

    Julia Pierce

    Christopher Siani

    Marisela Colangelo

    The children are selected by various local pastors throughout the arch diocese of New York from the parishes where the Knights raise funds by selling raffle tickets each spring and summer. The members do not get involved in the selection process, but rely upon the pastors to suggest qualified candidates from their congregations. While the Knights know that this is an unenviable charge, they are most grateful for their support and cooperation. Once their selection is forwarded onto the Knights, a member sets an up a meeting with the family to outline the upcoming pilgrimage.


    Chris Corin

    Reiss Little

    Cody Eisenring

    Sarah Zeman

    Tyler McAnuff

    Emerald Perez

    Gillian Warn

    Initially the Knights sent one child and a parent or guardian and the costs were a fraction of what they are today. The program slowly grew, as the number of parishes increased, so did the number of children sent. Since the turn of the century, the Knights have raised over a quarter of a million dollars and have sent seventy children and a parent or guardian. During the latest campaign, the Knights had just under seven hundred man hours, which resulted in an increase of church collections of almost fifty percent, which considering today's uncertain economic conditions were phenomenal, the Knights inched past their goal by about twenty five hundred dollars.

    Since 1975 the Knights have raised enough to send one hundred and forty two children to the shrine of Our Lady of Lourdes, in Lourdes France. The pilgrimage leaves from the council with motor coach service to JFK International, where you will travel in coach on board Air France to Paris where you will connect to a flight to take you directly to the airport at Pau. From there a motor coach will provide service to Lourdes. For the next eight days you will walk in the footsteps of Bernadette, participate in a mass at the grotto where Our Blessed mother appeared to Bernadette. you will stay in some of the best hotels in Lourdes, all meals included. You will leave Lourdes on July 8th, 2014 and return to JFK International where a motor coach will bring you back to the council in Washingtonville to be reunited with your friends and family, light refreshments will be served. On Labor Day there will be a reunion beginning with the celebration of mass followed by a barbeque, where you can share your experience with your fellow pilgrims.


    Grace Caldarone

    Lyndsay Krutki

    Mike Grzesik

    Terrance Crowley

    Mark Press

    Brendan Dwyer

    Chris Vickery

    For those unable to join us on this year's pilgrimage but would like to contribute to help defray the cost of sending the children, please consider making a tax deductable contribution. All donations are greatly appreciated.

    Make your check payable to: Our Lady of Lourdes Benevolent Association Inc.

    Mail to:
    Knights of Columbus
    Attention: Lourdes Program
    18 Hallock Dr
    Washingtonville, NY 10992


    For more information please contact:

    PGK Walt H Kozlowski, Chairman at (845) 863 – 1494 or (845) 728-5298 cell
    or email: kozlow@hvc.rr.com