JRR Tolkien

    "The only cure for sagging or fainting faith is Communion. Though always Itself, perfect and complete and inviolate, the Blessed Sacrament does not operate completely and once for all in any of us. Like the act of Faith it must be continuous and grow by exercise. Frequency is of the highest effect. Seven times a week is more nourishing than seven times at intervals. "

    Youth Activities Director: John Divirgilio


    Easter Egg Hunt/Coloring

    Free Throw Program

    Kids Christmas Party

    Little League Support

    Soccer Challenge


    Youth Support

    Cub Scout Pack 316

    Cub Scout Pack 717

    Cub Scout Den 3

    Girl Scout Troop 456

    Girl Scout Troop 483/529

    Boy Scout Troop 16

    Chair Person

    John Divirgilio
    Sean Cunnane

    John Divirgilio

    Patrick Nieman
    Sean Cunnane

    Tom Murray




    Pack leader Fabio White (fabio.white@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Vivian Noronha (viviannoronha@hotmail.com)

    Pack leader Griggs Cowart (griggsbyt@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Rob Small (skyrob66@yahoo.com)

    Den leader Regina DeFazio
    Council Rep: Tony DeFazio (adefazio1@hotmail.com)

    Troop leader Jenn Kane (jenn611@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Tom Moscato (pbdrummer1@aol.com)

    Troop leader Jill Sirucheck (jmsiruchek@me.com)
    Council Rep: Tony DeFazio (adefazio1@hotmail.com)

    Troop leader St. Mary's Parish (stmaryswashingtonville@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Brian Manngard (bemanngard@gmail.com)