Pope John Paul II

    "Only the chaste man and the chaste woman are capable of true love. "

    Youth Activities Director: John Divirgilio


    Easter Egg Hunt/Coloring

    Free Throw Program

    Kids Christmas Party

    Little League Support

    Soccer Challenge


    Youth Support

    Cub Scout Pack 316

    Cub Scout Pack 717

    Cub Scout Den 3

    Girl Scout Troop 456

    Girl Scout Troop 483/529

    Boy Scout Troop 16

    Chair Person

    John Divirgilio
    Sean Cunnane

    John Divirgilio

    Patrick Nieman
    Sean Cunnane

    Tom Murray




    Pack leader Fabio White (fabio.white@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Vivian Noronha (viviannoronha@hotmail.com)

    Pack leader Griggs Cowart (griggsbyt@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Rob Small (skyrob66@yahoo.com)

    Den leader Regina DeFazio
    Council Rep: Tony DeFazio (adefazio1@hotmail.com)

    Troop leader Jenn Kane (jenn611@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Tom Moscato (pbdrummer1@aol.com)

    Troop leader Jill Sirucheck (jmsiruchek@me.com)
    Council Rep: Tony DeFazio (adefazio1@hotmail.com)

    Troop leader St. Mary's Parish (stmaryswashingtonville@gmail.com)
    Council Rep: Brian Manngard (bemanngard@gmail.com)